We like the mental image of an eider duck rocking quietly along in the waves somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean allowing us to sleep warm and calmly underneath a duvet made by that bird’s eiderdown.

Eider farming is a long-standing Icelandic tradition though the word “farming” might be a bit misleading in our case. The ducks are not farmed, but are wild eider ducks (Somateria mollissima) that naturally congregate in the landscape surrounding Skálanes. A colony of around 550 breeding females is centred to the northeast of the old farmhouse with ducks nesting a few meters from our front door.

During the nesting season we close off a specific area of the landscape where the birds are breeding leaving the eider ducks and their ducklings to nest undisturbed. We maintain the landscape and the conditions around the colony throughout the year to ensure the well being and continued existence of the eider ducks.

We are proud to continue the family tradition of working with the eiderdowns, which has been a part of our family history for generations.

At Skálanes we produce a limited quantity of genuine eider duvets each year. Collecting the eiderdown is a delicate task and the work is done only by Skálanes’ experienced and local staff. The activity is 100% environmental friendly leaving no impact on birds or environment. We do not use plastic or build artificial nests for the birds such as car tires or other unnatural materials.

The eiderdown is carefully handpicked from wild eider’s nests in a symbiotic relationship between duck and human. The down is collected from the nests just after the female has left the nest with her ducklings fledging to the sea. Once collected the down is cleaned by hand directly on site removing leaves and dirt from the fragile downs.

When cleaned the down is ready to be put into single or double duvets containing 100% eiderdown from Skálanes. We use no other than our own eiderdowns and the duvets are sewn by us. Due to the nature of our limited output we also do eiderdown duvets in custom sizes. We create the duvets on request and the entire process takes about a month from gathering the downs to finalizing the duvet with our logo on it.

We emphasise on supporting the local economy meaning there are no intermediaries in the sale of our duvets. Instead, all the proceeds contribute to the continuation of this local and sustainable practice.

If you would like to purchase a 100% eiderdown duvet from Skálanes, please contact us on email: info@skalanes.com