Eiderdown & duvets

A symbiotic relationship

Eider farming and down collection is a tradition and cultural heritage related activity that spans most likely in some way back since the last ice age.  At Skalanes we have a healthy colony of wild eiders which choose to come back every year to lay their eggs and raise their chicks in close proximity to the field center.

The eiders are heavily insulated big arctic ducks which need to shed some of their down in the spring to be able to incubate their eggs.  Thus the site of their colony has nests lined with their down which if not collected degrades naturally in the wild. 

As a part of out traditions and heritage we work with the eiders in a careful manner collecting the down, providing improved nesting areas and maintain their colony as peaceful as possible.

The results are a human animal relationship which is on friendly and symbiotic terms, eider duvets and we maintain the practices of previous generations..

Eider Duvets

If you have an interest in supporting our work, these traditions and the health of the eider colony eider duvets from Skalanes are available.  Each one made to the requested dimensions.  Please write us or call for further information.

Sleeping under a warm cloud

Eider down has one of natures best ratios of weight vs insulation so duvets filled with it are extremely puffy, lightweight and warm compared to any other natural product.

The down is just lying around!!

Due to the geography and the anatomy of the eiders, they shed their down naturally and eider duvets are thus 100% made from product which does include no manhandling of the ducks, live plucking and or detrimental interaction.

Bespoke items

Due to the months long process of working carefully with wild birds, collecting down in nature and the intricate cleaning involved.  Eider down and duvets is a material which is of the highest quality and requires a lot of work until ready for use.