"A place of learning"

 An Independent field centre that hosts university students from all over the world working with them on research and education. A practical setting for research and learning about the natural and cultural environment of Iceland throughout the findings from diverse projects and studies carried out on site.

Learning is central to the development of Skálanes and is encouraged and supported by the centre. The site and centre is available as a space where people can interact with nature, history and each other to develop ideas and be exposed to new ones. The open landscape, abundant wildlife, and rich history – all help facilitate learning and inspiration. 

Skálanes sits within a 1250 hectare independent nature reserve containing habitats and ecosystems representative of the East fjords region.


The stunning cliffs close to the house reaching to 640 m high are home to thousands of seabirds  The area has a large colony of nesting eiders and arctic terns and a gradually evolving ecosystem of flora and fauna. Seals, whales and reindeers are a common sight.


The landscape hosts remains of farms and turf structures which gives a context to the interaction of humans and nature since the settlement of Iceland. 

Conservation in the 21st century

With the anthropocene firmly established as the main driver in landscape changes and ecology. Part of our work is investigating these changes and to actively try to encourage long term ecological resilience and habitat diversification.  

The centre offers grants to help facilitate research relating to the area. These are given in the form of subsidised accommodation, food, and facilities. The grants are tailored to fit each project/group. Please do contact us for more information