Resilience and Habitat Reinforcement

Due to long term detrimental land use since the settlement of Iceland the native forests of Iceland where decimated and soil erosion is widespread and still active.  The lowlands, hills and valleys at Skalanes were historically forested and since 2007 we have planted over 100.000 native birches, rowans and willows back into the landscape with the purpose of accelerating the natural reforestation and create more diverse resilient habitats for plants and animals.


Human interaction with environment has had an major lasting influence on the landscape in Iceland and it has also shaped the resources used and available.  Archaeology … Rannveig… Important for science and also entails a cultural landscape.


Guests to Skalanes are welcome to pass through on the path to the cliffs where a good platform and seating area was rebuilt in 2019.  We encourage everyone to stay on paths to minimise possible disturbance to resident flora and fauna.  There are no facilities, food or seating area at the field centre for independent visitors.  


Skalanes is a complex system of weather, geology, soils, animals, bacteria and plants.  All of these factors are then mixed up with historic and current land use.  Our aim is to study and understand these system as they are and with a pragmatic approach to assist them along if deemed suitable.